Bonjour From Choureal

Welcome to our Choureal World! Everything you will find here is Hand Made and Tailor Made to your needs. We have a high end laboratory where we work every day to produce the most fresh products you will taste.

The best fresh profiteroles in the whole world 🍫🔝

Irene Christoforou

A must-visit place in Thessaloniki for the best quality, best flavoured profiterol in the city!!!

Anorimo Niato

A must-go either visiting or living in the city.

Antonis Moutlas

What we do


Choureal is almost identical to Profiterole. This is where everything started. Freshly baked Choux and hand-made chocolates and cremes to discover new tastes and flavours.


Eclairs are similar to art. The reason is that with a single long choux you can create and discover so many different combinations of chocolates and garnish.


Choux is the alphabet of Choureal World. Every 15 minutes we bake fresh choux. This is where the journey begins. This is what makes the difference.

Paris Brest

The name comes from the Paris Brest train station. With velvetly patisserie cream or chocolate filling.

Ice Cream

The fresh hand-made Choureal Ice-Cream is characterized by it’s rich, full flavor. You can also enjoy it with your favorite Profiterole.

Choureál | Choux And Profiterole | Since 2014


Creme Choux

(Choux, Creme)

Lemon Eclair

(Choux, Lemon, Meringue)

Berries Eclair

(Choux, Berry, Icing)

Extra Bitter Profiterole

(Bitter Chocolate, Choux, Strawberry, Creme)

Bitter Profiterole

(Bitter, Choux, Creme)

Caramel Choux

(Caramel, Choux, Creme)

Our History


Choureal - Established 2014

This is where everything started. P.Patron Germanou 7 Thessaloniki.


First Award

Stelios Awards for Young Entrepreneurs!


Athens Store

We open our first store in Athens Historical Center. Diomias 2 , Syntagma


Taste Golden Award

Best Greek Food Awards. 1st Place , Golden Medal


Golden Taste Award

Best Greek Food Awards. 1st Place , Golden Medal

Visit us at Thessaloniki

Right in the heart of Thessaloniki. Palaion Patron Germanou 7. The first store we ever opened.

Visit us at Athens

Right in the heart of Athens. Diomeias 2 next to Ermou Street.